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Sydney Benjamin

Actor, Writer, Producer, Comedian, and Podcaster



Upcoming Projects

Q4L Final Poster.png

A 20 something Jeanette is one of millions of Americans who got laid off due to the pandemic. She enters quarantine like everyone else, but three years later she is forced to face her agoraphobia to attend her best friends wedding.

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A workplace mockumentary following the lives of a group of influencers living in the megainfluencer house: The Hustle House


Teagan, James, and Andrea, three 20 something roommates. James and Andrea constantly invite Teagan to hang out, she always has some wild excuse. The two are finally fed up so they come up with a plan to force a roommate hang out.


A weekly podcast talking about all things that are never not fun, and making the not fun... fun again!

listen every week for a little comedy, a little story telling, and way too much fun. 

About Sydney

Sydney Benjamin was born and raised in Orange County, California. She started acting from a young age in school plays and musicals. She always wanted to pursue acting professionally, but her parents asked her to wait until she could drive.Upon graduating High school she took a break from acting to pursue a degree from Biola University. Once she graduated with Her bachelors she began pursuing acting once again. Sydney Is currently attending Washington State University to earn an MBA.

Think Melissa McCarthy meets Jim Carry. The Best friend that no one knew they needed, but couldn't function without. Do not let the dimples fool you, she may look sweet and innocent, but she knows how to work the system. The quirky side kick that never leaves your side, wether that is a good thing or not.



Acting Technique: Anthony Meindl Actor's Workshop

Scene Study: Jeff Celentano

Commercial: Johnny Timko

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